Yours (and Ours): Marketing Strategies for 2020

Yours (and Ours) Marketing Strategies 2020

Yours (and Ours): Marketing Strategies for 2020

Whether or not you consider your marketing campaigns to be successes in 2019, you can?t rest on your laurels. Your competitors are going to come at you even harder in 2020, and you need to step out of your comfort zone and get creative if you?re going to stay standing.

Consumers are bombarded with boring marketing campaigns all the time. They?ve become so used to them that they?re tuning them out completely. Though we caution that you must stay realistic about the time, money, and effort you can put into your marketing campaigns in 2020, we also believe it?s very important to keep looking for ways to delight your customers and potential customers.

Foster an Environment of Creativity

As with every business that?s sweating the complexity of day to day operations, fixing problems, trying to carve out a profit, and managing home lives, you may find yourselves getting into a funk.

With noses always against the grindstone, there?s little time for creativity, and your marketing becomes stagnant.

Make it a central aim of your company to facilitate and reward creativity. This has paid huge dividends for companies like Google, HubSpot, and Airbnb that have created relaxed work environments that make space for both individual expression and group collaboration.

Ideas should be met with positivity. Not every idea is a sure-fire winner, but most ideas contribute something, and your team should feel confident to always suggest something new without fear of derision.

Consider building a diverse team with different insights, perspectives, and learning styles. Ask others outside your industry for their take on your marketing. Don?t worry ? everyone always has their own opinion on what can be improved, and it?s up to you to decide whether it?s a view you agree with!

Find ways to champion creativity in your business. A more creative environment doesn?t just help your marketing. Your team will bond and work better together. You?ll be able to attract better employees and retain them. When problems arise, your company will have the ability to find inspired solutions quickly.

Take Inspiration from Everywhere

If you?re strapped for ideas, look for marketing ideas from outside your industry. It?s amazing how you can leverage the successful marketing of businesses that are completely different from yours.

Thinking ?hey, that?s clever,? should have you writing down the spark of creativity that impressed you. It may not immediately be clear how you can utilize it in your 2020 marketing, but later you and your team may come up with something spectacular that works perfectly for your brand, all set off by an idea that came from the outfield.

Take out the Competition

Competitive research is, of course, very important. Knowing your competitors? strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats gives you a strong overview of your industry and where you fit into it. If they?re big, you?re small and personal. If they?re cheap, you?re high quality. If they?ve been around for years and are stuck in their ways, you?re new, bold, exciting, and innovative.

Yes, you should analyze the marketing campaigns of your competitors to see how they want to present themselves to people. Yes, consider some of the ways that their marketing campaigns are working and think about how you could leverage those ideas to build something better. Yes, see where their online marketing is lacking and how you can take advantage of it.

But marketing your business is not about looking at what others have done and copying it. It should be the opposite ? surprise your readers by doing something fresh, new, fun, and different. People have seen the same old marketing a thousand times. Blaze your own trail, showing everyone that you?re the company in your industry that dares to challenge the status quo.

We want to get creative with you. Get in touch with Bella V Marketing today to drop a supercharger into your 2020 marketing campaigns.

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