Digital Marketing Coaching Sessions

Digital Marketing Strategy

We also recognize that not every business has the requirement or budget to retain our full services on an ongoing basis.

You may want to perform your own social media management in-house so that you always offer that extra personal touch that is 100% you. You may want to write all of your own content because you love talking about your products, services, and industry news and this shines through in your writing. We agree that in some cases this is a great way to go if you have the time to do it.

Most people who go off on their own and attempt to do everything themselves get bogged down in learning the craft, tools, and strategies of digital marketing. They quickly find themselves spending all of their time learning the minutiae of search engine optimization techniques and chasing after performance metrics using outdated methodologies.

Can you instead quickly get a strategy, timetable, and framework from which to work that focuses on the key marketing your business needs?

Yes! We offer one-on-one digital marketing coaching sessions where we’ll discuss your business to identify the right digital strategy for your business. We?ll give you the tools and framework to perform your own digital marketing in-house yourself. As your business grows, you can dedicate more staff to the effort, making it entirely scalable.

Is there a particular aspect of marketing online that you’d like to discuss? We focus on the most important marketing elements that see the best return on investment:

Social Media Management

    • How to engage with your current clients and potential clients on social media
    • How to identify your target demographics and how to best get them interested in your brand
    • How to create content that will go viral and build engagement
    • How to use tools to make social media management more efficient

Reputation Management

    • How to boost positive reviews of your products and services
    • How to use positive customer reviews to build social proof
    • How to identify and minimize the effects of negative reviews and comments
    • How to ensure your employees are staying on message and not damaging your brand

Online Directory Management

    • How to ensure your business listings are uniform across the internet
    • How to update your business information across the web when you make a significant change
    • How to keep your brand on message across the web

Content Marketing Management

      • How to create content for your own website
      • How to create trending content for social media
      • Going beyond text ? creating images, videos, and infographics
      • Guest posting for search engine gains

Our coaching sessions can focus on one or all of these pillars of digital marketing. It all depends on what your company needs now. Let us know what your company needs, and we?ll give you the knowledge, tools, and strategy to get it.