Facebook Ad Service

Facebook Ad Services

As your business grows, new marketing tools become important. Facebook advertising is an important part of most online business strategies and can significantly boost your sales when performed correctly.

Why Use Facebook Advertising?

  • Over one-fifth of the entire world uses Facebook
  • Over 72% of U.S. adults who go online visit Facebook at least once a month
  • Guaranteed traffic to your website without waiting
  • Facebook advertising can be laser-focused, specifically targeting your key demographics
  • Over 47% of Americans say that Facebook is the no. 1 influence to them when making buying decisions
  • Facebook advertising allows you to ?retarget? potential customers ? showing ads to people who have recently visited your website

Facebook advertising is incredibly powerful and can show you a huge return on investment if you perform it correctly.

Facebook Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing

Why bother paying for Facebook ads when you?re already spending time and money on social media marketing that inevitably includes Facebook?

Facebook advertising and social media marketing on Facebook are two different beasts.?

Social media marketing is a hugely important way to build up your customer base and nurture them into leads. It pays off over a long period of time as once you?ve built the following it costs you virtually nothing to keep that audience and build it even further.

Facebook advertising is like social media marketing on steroids. You pay a fee for your ads to be seen by your target demographic and they?ll see them whether or not they?re already aware of your business. This can quickly raise awareness and drive traffic to your site. Some of the people will become followers and customers and you?ll have sped up the growth process.

Facebook Advertising for Sales ?

Knowing how much profit you?ll make on average per customer allows you to budget for Facebook advertising so that it will always give you the profit margin you desire. Some businesses rely almost entirely on Facebook and Google ad advertising to drive turnover and profits.

Facebook Advertising for Competition

Facebook advertising allows your business to appear front and center on pages that your competitors would usually dominate. In some cases, you can even have your Facebook advertising appear on your direct competitor?s website, enticing customers to you instead with a great offer.

Facebook Advertising for Re-Marketing

Fewer than 4% of people who interact with your brand will buy from you the first time. To beat the odds, you can display advertising on Facebook?s network of sites to people who have visited your site but not pulled the trigger on a purchase.

Retargeted ads are 75% more likely to get clicks than normal Facebook ads, and people are 70% more likely to convert to a customer if they?ve been retargeted by a Facebook ad.

Our Facebook Ad Services

Bella V Marketing will create and manage your Facebook ads for you. We will build ads that drive the best traffic to your site and see the best return on investment. We ensure that only the right demographics are targeted and we find the search queries that cost you less while delivering you more.

Alternatively, if you?d prefer to perform your Facebook advertising yourself, our one-on-one coaching sessions can quickly bring you up to speed and give you the tools you need to focus on the right strategy and succeed with Facebook advertising.

Bella V Marketing Facebook Ad Services include:

  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Monitoring
  • A/B Testing (if applicable)
  • FB Pixels Placement
  • ?Audience Creation
  • Reporting

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