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If you have never heard the phrase, “content is king”,  then allow us to introduce you to the idea. Content is king, and that is especially true when it comes to the content and overall messaging of your business.

Your website content is how search engines will organically (non-paid) index your site and rank it on the search result pages. Search engines will scan your website for content to determine what keywords you will rank for and in what position. If your website is outdated or does not have enough content, it will end up ranking poorly, which means it will not be easily discoverable by those searching for you or what you do.

How Content Marketing Can Help

Leveraging the tools of content marketing provides you with the opportunity to share information about your products and services (to the captive audience we talked about in social media) and can ultimately help your website rank higher in searches.

Google’s search algorithm looks for websites that have updated content. The ones with consistent content updates rank better.?A great way to keep your site up to date while offering relevant content to your clients is through a blog. A blog is a way for you to share information in an article form about your business, your industry, your products or services or just answer the most commonly asked questions you receive. By posting blog articles you can establish brand awareness and industry credibility with your clients while also building authority with the various search engines.

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