And?an End of the Year Audit

 And...An End of the Year Audit Online

After the rush of Christmas, the end of the year is a great time to check your online presence and do a thorough audit.

Since the start of 2019 (or whenever you last performed an extensive audit), the social media sites you?re using have made significant changes. The New Year is the perfect time to ensure that the information about your business on key social media sites is up to date, accurate, comprehensive, and displayed to your readership in the best way possible.

This year, in particular, Facebook has made some big changes to how your business is displayed, so it?s time to take a step back, see how your current setup is performing, and consider how it can be improved. Of course, we?re here to help you along the way.

Social Media Has Changed, but So Have You

Over the past year, you?ve honed and sculpted your brand. You?ve taken it in new directions and had some surprises along the way. You know your customers and what they respond to better than ever. Even the core values of your business may have become clearer as you?ve pivoted to new ideas and new opportunities.

Take a look to see whether the image you?re portraying online is still in line with the brand that you?re trying to be.

If your company?s goals have only changed a little, you won?t need a complete re-brand; you can just make small alterations to your image online.

What Are You Selling? What Do You Want to Sell?

Take stock of what you?re making the most money from. You may find that people are responding best to some of your products, marketing, and offers that were initially sidelines.

Now decide whether it makes sense to focus more on the products that are working well or spend more time boosting the products you?re sure will do well if they?re given the right exposure. Try not to let your personal feelings get in the way if a clear path to profit isn?t the one you initially envisioned your company to take.

Consider removing products that have sold poorly. Remove any products you have phased out and ensure they?re no longer being referenced heavily on your site or in your social media.

If you run seasonal products or have models that change yearly, now is the time to ensure you?ve got the latest models ready to go and the marketing campaigns to support them.

Get the Basic Information Right

Go through your About Us pages and Staff sections. Is the information still correct? Have you changed phone numbers, addresses, staff titles, or email addresses?

Is the information on your procedures and policies still correct? Have there been questions that customers have asked time and again that you could put into your FAQ online? Is the information that you?re providing in articles and blogs still relevant and in line with the products and services you hope to sell in 2020?

Often, your products and services will have had time-limited offers that are now out of date. Consider removing these offers as they just clutter up your store with information that?s no longer relevant.

Prepare for the Next Chapter

It?s out with the old and in with the new, so it?s time to consider your marketing and content plan for 2020. Hopefully, you?ve already got a rolling plan in place, but it pays to step back and see whether this plan is working for you. Marketing always needs to evolve with your business or you?ll find yourself stagnating and focusing on all the wrong areas.

Even consider whether the platforms you?re using are beneficial to you. Every online platform has its pros, cons, and different pricing levels. If you?ve had a bad experience with your platform in 2019, it doesn?t hurt to consider moving to another. This can be a bit of an upheaval, but if you?re going to change platform it pays to do it earlier rather than later.

Look at your insights and ROI on your marketing channels too to see where you should be focusing the bulk of your energies in early 2020.

There?s a lot to do to spring clean your online business, and we?re here to help. Get in touch to discuss how we can manage your online marketing and take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

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