Facebook Stories

This week Facebook launch Facebook Stories.? Facebook Stories are a way to stitch together video and images to create a “story” of your day for all your friends to view or just a few friends who you can select.

To start a story, click on Your Story in the upper left side of your phone. You will see 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen:

Facebook Stories Wand Button will launch the video/stickers. Similar to Snapchat
Camera Button will switch to your “selfie” camera
Center Button and holding will start a video
“z” shape Button will turn off the flash
Photo button will take you to your photo library.

After creating your image or video click on the arrow bottom, select your Story and the audience you wish for it be sent to.? If as the day progresses you want to add more to your story, click on the paper airplane button (direct), add the video or photo and repeat the process from above.

We look forward to seeing your stories!

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