Bella V Marketing Supports Vet2Track

Every year, Bella V Marketing chooses one local charity for which we offer an entire year of our services at no cost.

We feel that it?s the best way that we can make a difference in our treasured community using our particular experience, skills, and knowledge. We work to boost the online prominence of the charity through Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Graphic Design, and Content Management.

Our approach has always been to let the true nature of brands shine through, using storytelling to showcase the best of the organizations we represent. Though we can manage as much or as little online marketing as an organization needs, we ensure the original voice of the company continues to ring loud and clear.

For 2020, we will be supporting Vet2Track.? This charity helps improve the quality of life of veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Vet2Track Gets Veterans with PTSD on the Road to Recovery

Vet2Track founder Jim Whittum is an avid motorcyclist and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict. After experiencing sustained periods of extreme stress under combat conditions, Jim returned home to find himself a changed man. Struggling to find a way to cope, he withdrew from normal daily activities. His personal relationships suffered, eventually resulting in the dissolution of his marriage.

As an escape, Jim returned to riding his motorcycle on track days. To his surprise, he found this a useful form of therapy. Focusing on something that made him feel alive drew him out of himself and his social interactions improved. New friendships were formed with other riders and he found that other veterans were interested in getting involved.

His therapist noticed a great improvement in Jim, thanks to his newfound focus on track day riding. Because he always had another track visit to look forward to, he never experienced a backslide into the depression that many other veterans feel.

It was at this point Jim decided to build Vet2Track and expanded the program to get more veterans who are suffering from PTSD on the track to full recovery. Vet2Track now helps a number of local vets participate in track days or just to get involved in the excitement of motorcycle riding.

A Way to Give Back and Protect Our Veterans

As Vet2Track points out, an average of 22 American veterans take their own lives every day due to the effects of PTSD. This is a horrifying statistic and we should do all we can to ensure that those who return from active duty can overcome any hurdles they face fully reintegrating into society.

We believe that Vet2Track helps our local veterans and we?re pleased to offer a year of our services at no cost to the charity to boost awareness and get its message out. Vet2Track has opportunities to donate to specific events or to sponsor a veteran. For more information on Vet2Track and how you can get involved, check out

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