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User generated content ideasUser Generated Content

Sometimes generating content for your business can be a difficult task. Trying to find something new that creates engagement and reach with your fans can sometimes take hours. The good news is there is a solution – User Generated Content. According to Bazaar Voice, 64% of Millennials and 53% of Baby Boomers want more opportunities to share their opinions about Brands. That is a large number of people asking for an opportunity to share your customer experience and product for free to their friends, family and co-workers.

5 Ideas on How to Create User Generated Content for your Business

Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing to help create user generated content:

Below is the Selfie Station at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. The Selfie Station sign asks user to post their photo with a hashtag (which the Hilton tracks) to be enter to “win” Guest of the Month. Hilton Ft. lauderdale Marina

Here is a selfie background from a hotel in the Florida Keys and the direction on how to tag the hotel:

Key Selfie Wallamacay selfie spot








Next, we have a cut out that promoted an event at Whole Foods.? This method has been used for year at zoos or amusement parks.? Think outside the box when creating your cut out.

Whole Food Beer Week Cut Out

Other Ideas:Event Picture Frame

  • Florist: Cut out of a Flower
  • Dealership: A Iconic Vehicle or Mascot
  • Shoe Store: Create a Frame a Foot Level #ShoeShelfie






Chick Fila Cow Mascot

A mascot costume can be expensive. If you have a dog or cat that hangs out in your office, they can become your mascot.

User generated content is a great way to generate content and conversation but in order for it to be successful you need to track the content.? You can track content with a hashtag (#) tracking software, have users check in at your location or have them tag your business name in the post.

*Bella V Marketing is not affiliated with any of the companies listed above.? We just think they did a great job and should get a little recognition.

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