Google Analytics 101

Google Anayltics Terms

Are you new to the Google Analytics World?? Are you tired of marketing and sales people throwing around words that you have no idea what they mean or how they bring value to you or your business?? If you answered yes, this article is for you.? Below you will find some basic Google terms, what they mean and how they bring value to your site.

Session: Sessions are the number of people who came to your site

New Users Sessions:? The number of people who only visited your site one time during the time period you selected.

New Users:? Same as above but this time listed as number instead of a percentage.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of people who left your website without taking another action within 30 seconds.? The bounce rate should be used as a guide only.? This number can be inflated if you have a secure portal (credit application or product search) that leaves your site or a i-framed pop up. Google will count it as a Bounce.? The suggested bounce rate is 40% or under.

Page/Session:? The number of pages the user look at on your website. If people are only searching a few pages, this is an indicator you may need to look at content and how your pages are connected.

Avg. Session Duration:? How long the average person stayed.

Organic Search – The User found your site through Google, Bing, Yahoo.? This metric is a good indicator if your website is getting found on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Direct: The User typed in your URL. This metric is a good indicator of your company’s word of mouth or traditional advertising is performing.

Social😕 The user came to your site through a social platform (Facebook, Twitter etc).? This metric will tell you if your social campaign or advertising is meeting your expectations.

Your Google Analytics will help you determine Return on Investment (ROI) for your paid traffic, it will also show you your customer demographic and how your customer users your site.? When the data is used properly, it will help you increase conversion and potential sales.

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