Google Analytics Key Term Definitions

Google Analytics

Understanding your Google analytics is key to understanding your clients and how they interact with your website.? The data will also give you clear indications if your paid search or other campaigns are giving you a return on your investment (ROI).

Channel Groupings:

Google Anayltics

  1. Organic Search – This number indications how many people have come to your site naturally through a search.
  2. Direct – This is the number of people who directly enter your URL/Domain name in to the search bar.
  3. Paid – The number of people who came to your site through a paid per click campaign (AdWords)
  4. Referrals – The number of people who followed a link from another site to yours.

Other information:

Users: The number of unique visitors that have visited your site

New Users: The number of first time visitors on your site for a specific period of time

Session: The number of visitors that have come to your site.? One person will be counted several times, if they visit your site often.

Bounce Rate – The percentage of people who left your site under :30 seconds without visiting an additional page.? It is normal to have a high bounce rate for your hour and direction page.

I also spoke about Impressions during the Facebook?Live video also.

Impression – The number of times a person had an “opportunity”? to see your ad. If you have a physical location, think about people driving by your location in their car.? They have the chance to see your information as the pass by.

The amount of information you can receive from Google Analytics is really only limited by the amount of time you have to spend.? It is very easy to get consumed by the information available.? We suggest before you start your session have a clear goal or two and set up custom reports to help limit your time.

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