Rules of Social Media

Did you know that the average person spends over three hours per day on social media?  That’s a considerable amount of time and it represents an opportunity for businesses. Social users are essentially a captive audience, one in which you can market your business, products or services.

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?  Are you engaging your clients and potential clients with your written, video or image content? If you are not, you may be losing out on sales.

Training for Your Team

Not sure where to start? That’s not a problem.  Our experienced team at Bela V Marketing can help. We can set up your social media accounts and business pages and also teach you to manage them in-house.  Or, we can take things to the next level and manage your marketing efforts across all of your social media accounts for you.


Social Media Management Solution

It’s the most complete solution.  When you hire specialists in a certain field, it saves you time, money and guarantees effectiveness.

If you would like our team to manage your social media platforms, the process is easy and painless.  We will sit down with you and review your current marketing plan and strategies. Next, we will create a social media plan that will align with your overall marketing plan and its goals. Our team will then put that plan into action.

Once the plan is up and running, we will also measure and analyze the data collected from the plan’s activities and make suggestions to improve the results based on the information gathered.

In other words, we can supply you with a complete social media marketing solution that aligns with your marketing goals and allows you to see the effectiveness of the campaign through monthly reporting.

It’s easy to get more information.  Just call us at 989-272-2238 and we will answer all your questions.