directory management creates a uniform listing for your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are not just applied to your website.  You must also search optimize the cyber space that interacts, or links back to, your website.  To do that, you need to engage in Directory Management.

What is Directory Management

When your actual website is search optimized, it is known as “On-Page SEO.”  However, there are over 70 publisher sites and directories on the internet that Google indexes.  Your business needs to be listed on these sites and that listing needs to correct and uniform on all of them.

Ensuring that your listing is uniform across these directories is known as “Off-Page SEO.” We take the time commitment and hassle out of getting your business listed with our Directory Management service.

How Directory Management works

Bella V Marketing pushes your location data out to all the major data aggregators, publishing sites and top-tier online directories.  We will help you close duplicate business listings and update your data as changes to your business occur.

It’s a total management solution that ensures your business is represented correctly across the internet.  more importantly, with our service in place, your business website will rank better in online searches.

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